It’s time once again for our annual Summer Family Bible Conference… Watch Live


Join us for the 2018 Summer Family Bible Conference, July 21st – 26th. Once again we will be meeting at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL.  Meetings begin on Saturday evening at 7 pm.

Housing registration is made via the GSB Office,(630) 529-0520. Classes will be held for all ages.

Take Your Family on a Vacation with an Eternal Purpose!

Theme: “God’s Prophetic Calendar”

Saturday, July 21st:

7:00 PM Your Future is Coming! Ted Fellows  Watch Live

Sunday, July 22nd:

9:00 AM Dividing the Bible Frank Redman  Watch Live
10:00 AM Defining the Gospel Perry Lemmons  Watch Live
11:00 AM Defending the Faith Desmond Strydom  Watch Live
3:00 PM Daniel’s Remarkable Prophecy Matt Walker  Watch Live
7:00 PM The Changing Face of Dispensationalism Richard Jordan  Watch Live

Monday, July 23rd:

9:00 AM Why It’s Important Ray Keable  Watch Live
10:00 AM The Permanence of the Promise Russell Sheppard  Watch Live
11:00 AM The Great Delay Principle David Reid  Watch Live
7:00 PM The Coming Apostasy Alex Kurz  Watch Live

Tuesday, July 24th:

9:00 AM Vessels of Clay Matt Hawley  Watch Live
10:00 AM Mission Impossible Greg Resor  Watch Live
11:00 AM The Forever Nation Russ Hargett  Watch Live
7:00 PM The Coming Armageddon John Verstegen  Watch Live

Wednesday, July 25th:

9:00 AM Provoking Israel Arthur Johnson  Watch Live
10:00 AM It Isn’t Over Yet Morris Chesnut  Watch Live
11:00 AM Unsearchable Wisdom Charlie McQuillan  Watch Live
7:00 PM The Coming Kingdom Rick Jordan  Watch Live

Thursday, July 26th:

9:00 AM Date Setting and Distortions Alan Ragan  Watch Live
10:00 AM Eternity in the Lake of Fire Carl Hayes  Watch Live
11:00 AM Inheritance in the World to Come Steve Ross  Watch Live
7:00 PM One Minute Before the Rapture Thomas Bruscha  Watch Live

Seminars: Monday & Tuesday, 4 p.m.

4:00 PM From the Head of Gold to the Son of Perdition Kinney Beisel
4:00 PM When We All Get to Heaven Greg Resor
4:00 PM Tongues, Healing, Miracles, Angels: Do We Really Need Them? Ken Scharf